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2018 Winner
Innovation, QBE Insurance Australia & Navigator Health
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2018 Finalist
Collaboration in Injury & Disability Management, QBE Insurance Australia & Navigator Health

Key Objectives

Dissatisfied with outcomes and processes that are currently accepted, we created an industry-first recovery program to return the best results for all relevant participants.

We provide a solution to the missing part of the recovery puzzle, synchronising with the main elements of any successful recovery.

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Promote a return to full function
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Early identification and addressing of any psychosocial barriers
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Reduce primary and secondary psychological injury frequency and severity
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Promoting clear and timely communication

Independent mental health support service addressing psychosocial factors in recovery.

Navigator’s independent support service takes a holistic approach to recovery focusing on their motivation and engagement which are key to a successful return to function outcome.

Navigators’ regular contact and engagement plan with the injured person enabling early assessment of potential obstacles to recovery. Through this approach, potential obstacles are identified and problem solved proactively thereby reducing return to work (RTW) delays.

Navigators are specially trained mental and allied health professionals who are skilled at phone based assessment and support for ill and injured people.

Recovery Quadrant

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Navigator achieves results

Since it’s inception Navigator has been helping it’s clients achieve better results. Our statistics speak for themselves.
  • 14% decrease in total claims costs
  • 13 % reduction in wages paid
  • 6% decreased medical costs
  • 24% reduction in rehabilitation costs
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We use a bespoke suite of assessments to set recovery on the right path
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Insurance Providers
We take out the unknown from injuries, so all elements of the injury are addressed
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Navigator reduces injury duration and associated costs
Improving the recovery
journey of the worker

Navigator’s program addresses each aspect of the recovery process with a view to keeping Recovery on track and clear lines of communication open among all relevant parties. Navigator takes place over four distinct steps:

Navigator recognises the impact that injury can have on all aspects of a persons’ life. Utilising understanding, caring and motivational techniques, Navigators offers professional support, engaging them immediately in a trusting relationship.

Through early engagement and independent support, the Navigators can better determine and address the precise issues confronting each person.

Navigator’s program uses globally validated protocols in the psychosocial assessment needs of each person. With more than 500 clients nationally, Navigator continues to address emergent issues before they become entrenched barriers.

Navigators continuously  evaluate the psychosocial needs using both conversational open-ended assessment and structured psychometric screening. This defines an intervention pathway, via escalated support delivered by Navigators or for more complex issues, rapid referral to our qualified providers network.

Navigators’ work to ensure the best health outcomes. They encourage open communication to enhance rapport and engagement.

I was going through a really tough time following my injury. I thought there would never be light at the end of the tunnel but I received fantastic support from the team at navigator and they helped me every step of the way through to being myself again. I don't know if I could have made the same recovery without them. Often you feel like just a numbers while going a claim not with navigator, the calls make you feel cared for and supported.
Navigator is an amazing service and really helpful. You are made to feel like they care and want to help you recover and return to work.
Navigator is an amazing service and really helpful. You are made to feel like they care and want to help you recover and return to work.
Navigator were so supportive and helpful. I was in a difficult place following my injury but the team were able to help me immensely. Happy to say I'm now fully recovered!
The service was very good right from the very beginning. I am get ting a lot of benefit from my calls.