Navigator’s experience has proved injured employees participating in claims processes often seek better communication, suitable rehabilitation, treatment and recovery options and a greater sense of support from their providers. Immediate and time-efficient engagement solutions that address these concerns are key to Navigator’s success.

Navigator’s program addresses each aspect of the recovery process with a view to keeping Recovery on track and clear lines of communication open among all relevant parties.

Navigator recognises the impact that injury can have on all aspects of a persons’ life. Utilising understanding, caring and motivational techniques, Navigators offers professional support for the patient, engaging them immediately in a trusting relationship Through early engagement and the offer of independent support, the Navigators can better determine the precise issues confronting each person in their return to function journey.

Navigator’s program has validated telephone protocols for the assessment of psychosocial needs of injured workers. These protocols have been developed through several iterations of the screening protocols and successive reviews of data from more than 500 people who have been through the program. Frequent assessment of the injured person addresses emergent issues before they become entrenched

Navigators continuously assesses psychosocial needs of the client, using both conversational open-ended assessment and structured psychometric screening. This defines an intervention pathway, which is either further support delivered by Navigators, or for more complex issues rapid referral to a network of qualified providers.

Navigators’ work with patients is crucial to ensure the best mental health outcomes for patients. This encourages open communication between patient and Navigator about their progress and motivating them towards their recovery. They advocate forthe client at every opportunity to enhance rapport and engagement.

Navigators work to motivate clients to move them through stages of change or adaptation towards the most timely return to health outcome.

The specialty training of Navigators positions them expertly to escalate via psychological intervention if required.