Navigator’s precision recovery program has been developed by a team of medical and psychological experts to facilitate the best employee recovery programs for workers, employers and insurers. We have identified a way to enhance claims processes and outcomes: Navigator’s team have created an industry-first recovery program to return the best results for all participants. 

Who is Navigator?

Sometimes suffering an injury and being off work can affect the way we feel inside. It is not always just about the physical injury but may affect how we need to adjust to family needs, practical advice, or financial constraints. Navigator’s team of health professionals are committed to supporting people going through these type of injuries sustained whilst at work. We support your recovery from injury as well as other aspects of your life that may be impacted.

How can Navigator’s team help me?

We call you to make sure you are well supported by your medical team, insurer and social supports and provide you with a totally confidential and independent service. Our team regularly contacts you at your convenience, to provide constant support and a safe space to talk about any frustrations that may emerge whilst being injured. 

I don’t need any more help!

Our experience has shown recovery from injury can take many turns, be it pre-surgery fears and anxiety through to providing coping strategies around the frustration of immobility during recovery. We provide solution focused strategies to empower you (the injured worker). 

How can I trust you?

All Navigators are counsellors who have extensive experience and the ability to provide trusted support when required and agreed, by you. We are duty bound to protect the nature of conversations with you ensuring you get the best outcome during your recovery.

Many people we talk with have mentioned Navigator’s service has been really useful when they have felt alone, or afraid (especially whilst waiting for surgery). We find people sometimes are reluctant to ask for help but once we build that relationship with you, we work together to overcome any barriers to reach your full recovery.

How did you get my details?

Whilst Navigator is an independent service, we have been asked to contact you to assist in your recovery to return to work in the best possible way. People we work with often appreciate the support we provide during this journey and appreciate the help we provide.

What cost is involved for me to work with Navigator?

There is no cost to you as the worker – Navigator works with employers and insurers to fund support for you during this time. 

Contact Navigator

For any concerns or enquiries please contact the Navigator team on 1800 841 956.

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